Friday, 2 March 2018

Highways and Drainage Update

The Highways and Drainage Advisory Group meets with our local Devon County Council Highways Officer, Nick Colton, every two months to go over what work needs doing and who will do it.

Potholes and major drainage problems are dealt with by DCC and they are very responsive to any problems reported on their web page.  So please continue to report any problems you see. The link is 

You can access this link on the home page of the Parish website.

Minor problems are dealt with by our Parish volunteer Road Warden, Lister Bass. We now have a supply of materials and equipment to carry out minor repairs and Lister has undertaken all the necessary safety training necessary before anyone can work on the highways. So we all owe Lister a big thank you for taking this on.

You can see the results of our meetings on the Highways and Drainage Advisory Group web page.

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