Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Preparing for Winter Storms and Dealing with Floods

If you have any problems with flooding help is available.

South Hams District Council holds a supply of sandbags and householders can usually collect up to six of these from the depot in Babbage Road, Totnes.
Telephone: 01803 861234 

Rattery Parish Council has, in addition, purchased filled sandbags which can be made available for parishioners to protect their property from flooding. If you need them simply get in touch with any of the parish councillors. 

We are in constant liaison with the Highways Authority, Devon County Council, about maintaining good  drainage so if you have a problem or encounter  flooding on the roads please let the Parish Council know and, ideally, also report highways flooding on the DCC website – the link is on the roads section of the parish website.

Contact details for the Parish Council are on the parish website.

If you have already experience flooding, or you believe you may be at risk, there are steps you can take to protect your property. Further information is available by following the link below. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Website Changes

You may have noticed some changes to the structure of the parish website and, in particular, to the Parish Council and Parish Plan sections.

We are in the process of simplifying these pages to make sure parishioners can find the information they need more easily,  and editing them to make sure that the information on them is up to date.

The process will take a week or so but by the end we hope that the Parish Website is even more informative than before.

If you have any ideas about these matters please get in touch - contact details are on the website.

Best wishes,
Richard Haigh
Chairman, Rattery P.C.

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