Monday, 17 December 2018

Fibre Broadband Connection for Rattery

The Parish Council has now received very good news from Openreach.  

They have confirmed their intention to extend their fibre network to premises in Rattery.  This should mean much better Broadband speeds for everyone connected via the Buckfastleigh exchange – the majority of households in Rattery.

Although detailed plans are still being developed, the likelihood is that the work should be carried out in early 2019.  We have been promised regular updates as plans progress and we will keep you informed.

This good news is very welcome given the recent disappointment regarding delays to Gigaclear’s plans to bring a fibre network to Rattery and represents a triumph of persistent lobbying by the Business and Telecoms Advisory Group led by Michael Jack. Well done to them.


  1. It’s a shame they’re not currently considering the South Brent end of the village. Would it help to canvass the households on the Marley exchange to assess interest?

    1. We are actively pursuing Openreach to see how we might improve connectivity for those of us who are connected via South Brent - that's everyone South and West from Ashbourne, including Mill Cross, Culver Lane and the A385 corridor to Marley. We will keep you posted.


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